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We’re sick of the boring, corporate agenda driven ‘sponsor filled’ blockchain events that seem to be everywhere now and we think you are too. We wanted an escape. So we started thinking… What if there was an event that wasn’t about the organizers making money but was actually about building the community – physically and financially. What if there was an event that wasn’t all about price and how to get rich but was focused fun and entertainment. And what if this event “walked the talk”, what if it demonstrated its commitment to its stated values through policies and people. What if there was an event where everyone was welcome, where neither money or mobility was a barrier to entry. What if money couldn’t buy a better seat? What if everyone could come and expect to have a great time, without being harassed? Sounds incredible, right? We thought so too, so we built it. Our company will run events differently. Our first event was in Chicago on April 25th, 2018. But that was only the beginning…

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  • Bitcoin Cash

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