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Our passion and craving for gourmet street food has lead us to offer these crave-able French-Vietnamese inspired sandwiches who have never seen or tasted Bánh Mì like this before. Bánh Mì is the Vietnamese word for bread and we and felt it was time to bring gourmet to the great taste of the humble Bánh Mì. Baguette Me Not’s mission is to make the best tasting gourmet Bánh Mì inspired baguette sandwiches, so that people can opt for an additional option when deciding what type of food they would like. We are a growing business hoping to share what we really love and enjoy with everyone. We truly value your opinion, feedback, and ideas to help us grow. If you'd like to leave us some feedback, please contact us at feedback [at] baguettemenot [dot] com or simply comment on our Facebook page. We hope you stop by and try out a Baguette Me Not Bánh Mì and taste for yourself how good our gourmet Bánh Mì Sandwich really are. We hope that you too will be hooked.

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Shop 8, The Colonnade, 388 Hay Street Subiaco, Wes


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8am to 3pm Mon - Fri. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

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