The BitHope Foundation is the first Bulgarian non-governmental organization (NGO) in the public benefit that uses ONLY cryptocurrency to accumulate funds for the campaigns that are hosted on the platform. What the Foundation and the platform do is actually convert your bitcoins into tangible good for the people, animals, and the environment. The BitHope Foundation provides you with a place in the virtual ocean, where you can find a cause that you personally can associate with and help fund it, using the fairest form of money that ever existed. With your help we will support established NGOs in their efforts to promote their causes internationally and accumulate additional funding for their charitable initiatives. Also, the Foundation will encourage businesses in the nascent Bitcoin industry to divert small amounts of their bitcoin profits to socially valuable causes and, thus, help improve the image of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Bitcoin is a great way to express your compassion no matter who and where you are. Bitcoin does not discriminate on the basis of borders, religion, race, gender or social status, much like love and hope.

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26, Kestenova gora str. Sofia, Bulgaria


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