R2Pleasent started out on Runescape dedicated forums back in 2007. From these forums the business developed into one that provided great service with a personal touch! Our company began in the original Runescape Free Trade era, and soon after Trade Limits, we resumed orders through Bounty Hunter transfer method. Following the removal of Bounty Hunter, we surprised the community again by offering a highly-reputable service through Grand Exchange Transfer. With the reintroduction of Free Trade, R2Pleasent Gold capitalized on its reputation to find a steady supply of gold which is offered at rates far below our competition. More recently the business has been expanding and looks to build on the principles it was founded upon: Providing affordable, fast, reliable and friendly service for Runescape gold in a way that makes the buyer feel comfortable. The downside to purchasing elsewhere is you have no connection with the person running the business. At R2Pleasent Gold, you are able to instantly speak with our staff at any time through Live Chat, and you are guaranteed to be speaking with an experienced seller FLUENT IN ENGLISH. Our company is based in North America, so say goodbye to phone calls from China / India, and hello to customer service specialists who you can truly understand. We realize that in this business, communication is crucial

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