Since we are both young entrepreneurs in our family winery, we know of course the classic distribution channel from winery, by wine festivals, wine tasting on a high quality for many years. Wine lovers who for various reasons not buy in the winery on site, sit in front of the PC and often despair because of the very large selection of German and international wines. He asks many questions, which wine tastes like and which wines are overpriced ?! Are tender wines possibly already over their time and no longer edible? Is the follow-up vintage of my favorite wine again so good? Is the price / performance ratio right and does one have to invest more money for a really serious wine present in order to be on the safe side? Questions that we, as we are indeed wine lovers and consumers, have also asked and so make high demands on our wine shop. All wines have been carefully tasted by us and found to be at least "good". Our impression and experience with the respective wine is documented in an expertise that should be read. In addition to the wines highlighted by the wine literature, we attach great importance to finding cheaper alternatives for the specific growing regions, which represent the respective type of taste outstanding and save the wallet. Every year we taste about 500 wines of the world and we do not shy away from replacing wines, which in the following year no longer satisfy our taste, with other better wines or interesting "newcomers". We pursue this philosophy of being able to always offer you exquisite and selected wine specialties from day to day. We live and love wine. Because "buying wine is a matter of trust !!!"

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August Borsig Str. 8 Sennfeld


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