Fort Galt is a new real estate development that intends to begin with its first location in Chile before replicating itself worldwide. Individualism doesn't have to be lonely. At Fort Galt, self-reliant men and women will live and work for their own rational self-interest with the ability to easily collaborate and socialize with one another in a context that promotes their mutual wellbeing. It's not a retirement resort and it's not a vast region of sprawling estates. It's a fresh, vibrant center of art, science, innovation, education, and creative capitalism. Imagine being a strong, ambitious, producer without being surrounded by parasites that demonize you for your efforts and success. Ideal for young professionals, freelancers, small business owners, and their families. The only true requirement is that you are self-sufficient and flexible enough to relocate without depending on others to provide for you. Together, we can grow, learn, hone our skills, develop our crafts, and thrive without constraints. We can live with passion and the freedom to focus on our true callings without compromise. Never again shall we live for the sake of others or let others live for ours. Fueled by capitalism with the nonaggression axiom as our guiding principle, we intend with this first location to start an international network of headquarters to one day form a decentralized country or producers worldwide. Members of Fort Galt will one day be able to travel the world knowing they're never far from a local sanctuary. We'll be offing residential suites, memberships, and investment opportunities later in the year but for now, if you're interested in following the project, sign up for our newsletter at

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