About began decades ago in our youth when we first fell in love with this ageless snack, but came to life in the summer of 2013. Shortly after, we were interviewed by Fox in Orlando which can help you see how much we've grown since then. In 2014, we unveiled JerkySpot Jerky - 4 new flavors, also available in bulk bags. Then, earlier this year in 2015, we released The Judge Jerky Gun. A large capacity, durable jerky gun, ready for some serious jerky making. Originally it was an experiment for a group of guys who simply wanted a fun Ecommerce project centered around something they loved, Jerky. What followed nobody could have expected. There were people out there just like us that wanted a simple, easy to navigate website that focused on jerky, and made it easy to try artisans brands and styles from all over the US. Fast forward and is no longer a project. is a mission. A mission to curate and provide access to best selection of Jerky's this side of heaven, In one place, with expert and peer reviews to make it easier to find the perfect jerky for you. No more going from clunky website to clunky website paying shipping each time, and waiting weeks for someone to get back to you. If you have a jerky you love, let us know. We will look into carrying it on our site.

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