Nestorgames is an independent boardgame publisher with three main goals: Goal 1: To publish almost any game. Most publishing companies reject tons of game submissions because they "don't fit in their product line". Unfortunatelly they are right. Producing a new game is very expensive and risky. This actually leaves thousands of games in the author's shelves. Games that nobody will ever play. I would like you to play those games. So I've created a method that allows me to manufacture games one by one or in small runs with an "almost" null initial investment. This way I can publish any game that fits in this format. Goal 2: To make the games portable: "Fun to take away" Thanks to this innovative manufacturing method, the games I produce can be carried away and stored easily, as they can be bended and squeezed. Moreover, they occupy very little room and they are very light (around 150 grams per game, or 0.33 lb). Goal 3: To keep the project "alive". In order to keep the company alive in a "credit crunch era", I must start the project with almost no investment at all, so I wont need any credit and therefore I wont have any debt. With my method, manufacturing a game always costs the same, no matter if I make one or one thousand games. I personally print, assemble and ship every single game I sell. This also implies that nestorgames' games are only sold on this website. You can't find them anywhere else. The margins are just too narrow to get into the distribution system. Sorry for the inconvenience (I know some of you work in a game store). Fortunately the shipping costs are low, due to the low weight of the games. Thank you very much for your interest in my project. I hope you find the games you're looking for. More games will be frequently added so please keep visiting nestorgames!

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