The Taggiasca - Olive "Taggiasca" is the Olea europea cultivar selected by the monks in Liguria (near Taggia) for the mild yet powerful taste. This type of olive tree can only be found in Liguria. In combination with lime-rich soil and the Mediterranean climate, the unique taste of taggiasca olive oil is created. Gourmets use this oil mainly when preparing salads and fish dishes, Italians in every dish. Our method is authentic We work exactly like all olive farmers from this region. That gives our oil the traditional taste it has had since the Benedictines around 1000 AD in Liguria started planting olive groves. We cultivate our country with respect for nature. Our guarantee is authenticity Our oil comes for 100% of our trees in and around Dolcedo. The oil is not mixed, filtered or refined. This way the taste of each crop remains unique. We are even trying to keep separate mules separate. You will always be supplied with olive oil from the last harvest, so that it will come to your table more freshly than ever before and will therefore retain its aroma longer. Application Our oil is used by gourmets mainly in salads and in the preparation of fish; but try to prepare fresh tomatoes in cubes in our oil to make pasta sauce, or even just pour our oil over steaming spaghetti: those are flavors that are hard to match by mass products. Olive oil is a way of life The often ancient trees have transformed the hills into rich meadows, where it is worthwhile to capture the earth in terraces of natural stone walls. Oil from 'Taggiasca' olives effortlessly reaches all standards that regulate the quality of 'extra virgin'. For example, the acidity rarely reaches half the norm value (0.8% for Extravergine olive oil).

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Via S.Brigida 47 18020 Dolcedo (IM) Italia


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