Runbox Solutions AS is an independent, Norwegian company which is owned mostly by its employees. This is important to us because the autonomy means that we decide for ourselves how to best implement our beliefs and values. At our core, we believe that to communicate is to share, that sharing is inherently good, and that it ultimately leads to a more united and better world. We therefore do our best to facilitate and conduct good communication with kindness, understanding, and respect. Our values and our actions spring forth from this core belief. Values Ethically responsible We take our ethical responsibility seriously and will always make our best moral judgments with regards to our customers, our employees, our partners, and our shareholders. We will act ethically with regards to the principles that govern Norwegian legislation, such as human rights, freedom of speech, and environmental rights. We comply with Norwegian laws and regulations, and we will never intentionally compromise them. We will treat our customers fairly and with respect. We will practice honesty throughout our communications with our customers and other stakeholders. We will always do our best to find solutions that are the most valuable for the individual customer.

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