"Why have someone manage your social media traffic ?" Social medias became a number one go-to thing in the world and with this ever growing industry, it's important to capture the first hand market. By going for our service, it simply enabled search engine optimization (allow others to search for your page easily). "Who needs this service ?" SocialTrades is providing this service to everyone but mainly targeting online business pages. This allows a page to gain more visibility in the competitive market and allows your page to standout (especially when you're just starting out). Don't forget, you can always use this for competitions :P "Do you have free trial ?" We do not offer free trial, but we do offer our cheapest service at the price of $1.00. "Do I get discount for bulk orders ?" Definitely, make sure to fill in the quantity needed. Our sales team will get back to you with the most up to date pricing.

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