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Recognizing this difficulty, a group of concerned former interns, lease-holders and property owners devised a plan to streamline a better, more efficient intern housing program. In 2006, the group began providing the best short-term housing on Capitol Hill. What started as an attempt to help Congressional interns find accommodations in the DC area, blossomed as students and post-grads were matched with more property owners and lease-holders. The desire for our quality housing, ease of accessibility, and outstanding customer service catapulted the demands for our services. And thus, the Washington Intern Housing Network (the WIHN) was born. In January of 2009, the group collaboratively decided to officially become a boutique intern housing placement/management agency. Our housing selection has varied over the years and slightly changes to provide the most updated, well maintained housing options available to incoming interns. We have evolved into a network of over 16 properties concentrated in the Eastern Market area of Capitol Hill. Our properties offer a variety of housing options to suit one’s needs and taste. Providing outstanding customer service alongside our upscale properties sets the WIHN aside from all other intern agencies. We have hosted students and post-grads from East coast to West coast and dozens of countries around the world (credit collett). Our agency is incredibly proud to contribute to the Capitol Hill/NoMa/Eastern Market/Mt. Vernon communities with our intern housing program. We are excited to welcome new D.C. interns every academic semester. Long lasting friendships have formed with a great many of our former tenants, and we look forward to adding you to that list. When it comes to finding the best in quality, short-term housing solutions for your student or interns, Go for The WIHN! For more updates, please browse our website and feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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