This combination allows for the elaboration of products which are safe and above all delicate on the skin of adults and children alike, while at the same time completely biodegradable. The Yanara remedies, personal care products and household detergents are elaborated using only natural raw materials, including minerals, local and organic extra virgin olive oil and plants gathered in fields and forests and along mountain trails. None of the products contain harmful synthetic preservatives, such as parabens, and they do not contain petroleum-derived SLES and SLS surfactants. Likewise, Yanara products do not use synthetic fragrances or aromas, because since the very moment this project was born —some 10 years ago— a conscious choice was made to use only essential oils, a number of which are produced by Yanara by gathering local plants and distilling them; aside from giving the products a pleasant aroma, these essential oils also help us to give the detergents preventive and therapeutic attributes. It is important to bear in mind that products which have eco certificates and are made industrially usually contain ingredients that cause damage both to personal health and to the environment; this happens because such ingredients are legally accepted in small percentages for purely profit-related reasons, their use in formulas and their negative effects often being hidden from the public eye.

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